We assure that the issue is not financing and implementation, but rather project relevance, therefore
we focus on matching finance with meaningful projects.

Specialized in Project

We specialize in project design, financing, and implementation, providing
comprehensive solutions that fulfill expectations.

Competent Project

Through our continental experience and relationships with our financing partners,
we can ensure that projects in need of finance are not overlooked.

Welcome to Charis Global

Where excellence meets execution

We take pleasure in being catalysts for success, navigating the complex landscape of projects with accuracy, ingenuity, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

Charis Global Group is equipped with an extensive portfolio of skills and experiences through our robust team of experts with extensive knowledge in public expenditure management, debt structuring, project management, engineering and experience spanning various disciplines.

Services We Offer

 The African experience

Project Management

Project Finance

Feasibility and Viability Studies

Project Planning and Development

Trevor Sindane – CEO

Trevor Sindane is a visionary leader, seasoned businessperson, community philanthropist, and investor with an incredible story of aspiring to develop himself from the age of 15 into the investor and person he is today after growing up in poverty. With over 10 years of experience in investing and a sincere interest in human capacity and capability building for our youth.

Trevor joins us with his extensive experience in project management, Trevor takes a dynamic and results-oriented approach to leadership. Trevor is a visionary leader who has demonstrated a track record of generating organizational success through strategic thinking, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. He also has a foundation for assisting communities and families. He has a track record of collaborating with governments and working in the mental health and mentoring sectors to give back to the community. His business acumen also makes him a very keen capacity builder and business analyst. opportunities to both grow a business but also serve the community around it.

Our Purpose

We provide competent projects evaluation

Our purpose is to provide competent projects evaluation, implementation supervision, and structured financial solutions through the application of our continental experience and our relationships with the funding partners that have trusted us to be their representative to ensure that no project requiring finance is lacking. Charis Business Concepts Global Holdings equally invests in worthy projects of varying sizes across sectors.

Our Partners